Simmons Memorabelia


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Museum Pieces

These items were used by T.N. Simmons and his employees in the Simmons Boat Shop. 

Thanks to Timothy Bottoms of Cape Fear Museum for allowing us to take and post these photos.



Transom patterns (left) and spreaders (right)




The "Shut Th' Dam Door" Cabinet.  The photos are of a Model 100 with an extra-wide well and twin motors.




Tom Simmons' desk and chair from the boat shop.




The shop sign and a re-creation of the shop from a previous display at Cape Fear Museum honoring

Tom Simmons and his wonderful boats.





Left:  1972 price quote for model 100 (20-foot low-side). Right:  A letter from S.G. Hamlet to Will Woodard II,

following a visit to the Simmons Shop in June 1972.  Thanks to Will Woodard III.  Click on either one for full-size view.





Original brochures from the Simmons Boat Shop


22-foot Simmons Sales Info



A Simmons business card


Scale Models



Model boats, built from Dave Carnell's plans.  Left:  An 18-footer in 1/6 scale built by Robert Hodges. 

Right:  Two 20-footers in 1/8 scale (right) built by Alex Slaunwhite.



A Simmons-style coffee table, built by Carl Watkins.  Only two of these were built.  One is located in the

foyer at San Juan Mexican Restaurant in Shallotte, NC, and the other belongs to Alex Slaunwhite.