Sea Flee

1963 Simmons 20-foot High-Side

Owned by Jerry (the Geezer) Slaunwhite

Restored by Alex Slaunwhite


"Sea Flee" was bought by Jerry in 1993.  The boat, then named "Lu-Lu" had been sitting, unused for several years.  "Lu-Lu"  had a 115hp motor that had seen better days.  This, along with the badly weathered windshield were the first things to go.  Next, we went to work removing the many coats of paint.  Nelson Silva flipped her over for us, and we stripped the paint off the bottom.  After that I took the boat to Mike Hubbard, who refastened the motorwell and replaced the foredecks.  Meanwhile, Jerry and I went on a quest to find a windshield to replace the one we'd sent to the landfill.  We found one at a junkyard that wasn't exactly the type that Simmons used, but it looked great on the boat, so we bought it.  The boat sat for several years while I was working in Dayton, Ohio, but when I finally returned to the Carolinas, I went back to work on it, stripping, sanding, painting, varnishing, and renaming.  The oversized 115hp motor was replaced with a more suitable 65hp.  Our first launching of "Sea Flee" took place on Labor Day weekend 2001.  She can be seen occasionally cruising the Intra-coastal Waterway near Holden Beach, NC.



"Lu-Lu" as she looked the day we brought her home.



New windshield, foredecks, paint, varnish, motor and name.

Forward view of cockpit before . . .

. . . during . . .

. . . and after.

Back of cockpit before . . .

. . . during . . .


. . . and after.


Jon Slaunwhite holds the bow-line at the first launching after restoration.





Jerry Slaunwhite zooms his Simmons

down the Intra-coastal Waterway.