2002 20-Foot Low-Side Sea Skiff


Built by Matt Apgar

Photos courtesy of Dave Carnell




Left: Building the strong back.  Right: Sawn out floors.



Left: Transom-motorwell assembly.  Right: Laminating the stem.



Left: Framed bottom and fitting 1st chine piece.  Right: Bottom glassed and boat is ready to be flipped.



Left:  A handy dolly rig to move the boat in and out of the shop.  Levels could be adjusted with shims.

Right: First two planks on each side.



Left: Planking clamp similar to the ones Simmons used.  A diagram of this is included in the building

instructions.  Right: The boat, fully planked, with rubrails clamped in place.



Left: A front-on view.  Right: Fore deck is shortened due to a center-console arrangement.



Left: Sealer applied, and hull is ready for primer.  Right:  The locker forward houses two 6-1/2 gallon

fuel tanks with a shelf for holding other gear.



Left: The lockers have watertight compartments below them with about 5" deep locker for fishing tackle,

etc.  Right: One happy skipper.  First salt water launching, Oyster River, Durham NH, July 22, 2002.

The owner comments that, "The boat is everything the descriptions say it should be."




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